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Installation >> Pre-Installation Notes

Pre-Installation Notes

  • iGuard is designed for indoor use.  If you plan to install it outdoors, be aware that exposing it to water, heat, or other harsh conditions can damage the device and it may not operate properly.

  • Do not install iGuard next to heat sources or indirect sunlight.
  • For iGuard units equipped with the optional fingerprint sensor, make sure the iGuard’s back metal panel is properly grounded to earth, to prevent electrical impulses and shocks from affecting users and the iGuard units.

  • To prevent electrical short-circuits or overload,power the iGuard independently with the power supply provided.  Do not share the power with other device such as the electric door strike.

  • For security and safety purposes, do not connect the door button to the iGuard terminals. Instead, connect it directly to the doorstrike, to avoid failure in case of a power outage or other emergencies.

  • To increase the security level in access control applications, use the optional Remote Relay together with the iGuard unit.  This device is sold separately, and it assures that malicious damage to or tampering with the iGuard does not result in a release of the electric door strike.  Please refer to the Appendix for more information.

  • Make sure the Smartcard Company Code is properly set before assigning any smartcard to users.  This code is a configurable, 4-character code, which is to set your iGuard system apart from any other iGuard system.  Any smartcard with a code that does not match is not recognized by the system.  So once the smartcards have been assigned, donot change this Company Code.  Please refer to the section “Using the Web Browser -> Administration -> Terminal Setup -> Code Setting” for more information.

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Dear Support We have an Iguard LM-520 machine. It is stuck on Initializing. What can be the solution? Rohit
Jun 17, 17 - 04:41 AM
I need to reset the admin password on my device. the serial# is VK-2003-013F-11F1. Please advise Chris Little
Apr 18, 17 - 01:10 PM
Dear Suport Team, We recently installed Igurd terminal. When ever I eport to exl I get the below lines only, can you you assest? م رقم الموظف الإسم القسم أخـرى تــاريــخ الـوقـت الجهاز الطرفي دخول/خروج 1 1 --- --- --- 16/01/2017 9:34:06 iGuard IN 2 1 --- --- --- 16/01/2017 9:32:43 iGuard IN 3 1 --- --- --- 16/01/2017 9:29:28 iGuard IN Abo Omar, (M#0506474415)
Feb 22, 17 - 09:39 AM
Dear Team, I want to reset our iGuard LM-520-FOSC to factory default. The system is stuck on initializing. Imtiyaz
Feb 08, 17 - 10:19 AM
Do you sell iGuardPayroll in Macao? How much te iGrardPayroll software. Thank you Philip Philip Wong
Feb 08, 17 - 01:23 AM
i have a problem in my device not working and hanging Model : LM-520-FOSC always Initializing and loading what can i do Mahmoud Soliman
Sep 03, 16 - 12:13 PM
Dears, how to make iguard system to change In/out status automatically, without changing it by pressing backspace. Thank you. Vlad
Aug 31, 16 - 10:59 AM
Dear, I need to recovery my admin Password and password default 123 no function. Thanks, Regards Jesus
Jul 23, 16 - 05:19 PM
@Gregory: Two ways. 1) use the in/out-trigger feature, which can be found in iGuard's built-in webpage at Tools->Administration. 2) use iGuardPayroll, and assign schedule to each individual employee, and set the 'Default-IN/OUT' option of the iGuard machine to 'In/Out-Not-Shown'. Please email us directly at support@iguardpayroll.com for further information. Brian
Jun 27, 16 - 04:42 AM
Dears, how to make iguard system to change In/out status automatically, without changing it by pressing backspace. Thank you. Gregory
Jun 26, 16 - 01:54 PM
@Mahmoud Soliman: i tried to send you email but looks like something is wrong with your email address. Please send us an email to support@iguardpayroll.com, and we will reply you by email. Thanks. Support
Jun 22, 16 - 04:53 AM
Dear , Sir please send me the instructions. Thanks you for your cooperation Best regards ,,, Mhmoud Soliman
Jun 20, 16 - 08:53 AM
Dear, Sir I already downloaded the file but do not know where I can export this file in I Guard system Thanks you for your cooperation Best regards ,,, Mahmoud Soliman
Jun 16, 16 - 09:50 AM
Dear, Sir My I Guard information's , Serial No. VK-2003-52A6-A8F8 Firmware Version 5.0.9114A (BUILD 416 ROM : 06162 Oct 27 2014 - HW7003EC-416-K38CB0-05) Model LM-520-FOSC Firmware Version 5.0.9114A (BUILD 416 ROM : 06162 Oct 27 2014 - HW7003EC-416-K38CB0-05) Thanks you for your cooperation Best regards ,,, Mahmoud Soliman
Jun 16, 16 - 09:01 AM
Dear , Sir My device I Guard always message notification ( door open ) What can I do ? Mahmoud Soliman
Jun 15, 16 - 11:21 AM
@Mahmoud Soliman: you can use the backup/restore function. You can access this function in the iGuard's own webpage, under Tools -> Backup & Restore. Thank you. Support Team
Jun 13, 16 - 04:45 AM
How can I do Transfer or import data and fingerprint my staff from one device I guard have a problem to another device I guard( new ). Mahmoud Soliman
Jun 12, 16 - 09:28 AM
Dear support team T have iguard terminal (LM-520-FOSC)and I have problem in slave igauard out of line and descriptions message (Main Door Out) Although internet cable already is ok Mahmoud Soliman
Apr 24, 16 - 06:28 AM
Sir. I need to reset admin password for our I Guard and forgot admini password Osama Hamed
Apr 13, 16 - 07:26 AM
You cannot change the employee ID. You can delete that employee first, then create it again for another employee. However, all the records associated with the original employee will be deleted. Support
Dec 24, 15 - 03:14 AM
how to change Employee ID no.? andrian
Dec 23, 15 - 05:18 AM
dear sir, i have already downloaded the latest firmware update for i guard LM520 serial No(VK-2003-529F-A5F4) kindly instruct me how to install update version in mentioned IGuard. Qiaam
Nov 26, 15 - 08:46 AM
@Tamas Tapai: Yes. Please send us the serial no. of the device (eg., VK-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx). You can find the serial no. at the back of the machine. Send it to brian@lucky.com.hk. brian
Nov 26, 15 - 03:51 AM
Dear support team! Im an IT technician and I recently started to work with one factory where is installed one of yours product. The product is a LM520-SC and the problem is: The previous technician, who installed the device changed the administrator password and set the static IP adress to a unknown. He is unrecheable because he gone to another coutry to work and now i cant change anything in device(add emloyee, delete or change password). I already tested the default passwords(123,0000,1111,1234) but none of them worked, and sadly the angry IPscanner doesnt find the IP of the device and now the device is unusable. My question is: does the device have any chance to reset to factory default state or rewrite the device firmware? Thanks for an answer! Tamas Tapai
Nov 22, 15 - 12:22 PM
@Esmatullahghamam: sorry, we do not have any SDK for our product. brian
Nov 03, 15 - 04:13 AM
Dear support team does the device have and sdk support in order to configure with java i want to configure with a J2ee application this device. Esmatullahghamam
Oct 31, 15 - 06:19 PM
@Will Kwan: when you enter the time in the schedule page, you must enter valid numbers, for example, if you want to enter 9am, you have to first press 0, then 9, then 0, then 0. Support
Aug 25, 15 - 04:57 AM
Hi, from my account THERF, I cannot type the time when I tried to edit the schedule. Please let me know the solution asap, thanks! Will Kwan
Aug 25, 15 - 02:00 AM
@sidheq: Replied to your email. Grace
Jun 25, 15 - 06:13 AM
hi, how i can clear access log records and what is maximum access log capacity of LM520-SC.It it is showing every time 20000 records on my machine. sidheq
Jun 22, 15 - 07:45 AM
Hi , I am facing one problem on attendance machine we have 400 employes in company all are configured in one machine.i am taking daily attendance backup by export txt file.last month one day it was exported and got only few employes in/out details.it was not showing attendance list.but access list i was showing all employes and also all employes punching was authorizing by machine.It was fixed by restoring few days accesslog backup restoration.But next month first day morning i got same issue and fixed by before days restoration of access log backup.can i get the reason to happend this and how can solve it Sidheq
Jun 22, 15 - 07:38 AM
Dear Support Team, Where can we find the new iGuard firmware? Rami
May 23, 15 - 03:31 PM
Dear support team I have a iguard terminal (LM-520-FOSC-SP) and the firmware is (5.0.8816A (BUILD 377 ROM : 06362 Dec 11 2012 - HW7003EC-377-K35680-05)) i want to upgrade the 5.0.9 Ahmed Qasem
May 19, 15 - 12:58 PM
I'm IT administrator at network on my company we have some devices as i iGuard system we need to run software unlock the door by my PC . Emhamed shahima
Apr 02, 15 - 09:52 AM
Replied to your email. Grace
Apr 01, 15 - 08:17 AM
Dear Sir/Madam, We have contacted your offices in US regarding a project with iGuard Terminals LM520-SC however until now we haven't got any response. Can you please provide us with an email address where we can send technical specification and quantity of these products! thank you and we are waiting for your quickest response! Ardian
Mar 23, 15 - 02:13 PM

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