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Installation >> Pre-Installation Notes

Pre-Installation Notes

  • iGuard is designed for indoor use.  If you plan to install it outdoors, be aware that exposing it to water, heat, or other harsh conditions can damage the device and it may not operate properly.

  • Do not install iGuard next to heat sources or indirect sunlight.
  • For iGuard units equipped with the optional fingerprint sensor, make sure the iGuard’s back metal panel is properly grounded to earth, to prevent electrical impulses and shocks from affecting users and the iGuard units.

  • To prevent electrical short-circuits or overload,power the iGuard independently with the power supply provided.  Do not share the power with other device such as the electric door strike.

  • For security and safety purposes, do not connect the door button to the iGuard terminals. Instead, connect it directly to the doorstrike, to avoid failure in case of a power outage or other emergencies.

  • To increase the security level in access control applications, use the optional Remote Relay together with the iGuard unit.  This device is sold separately, and it assures that malicious damage to or tampering with the iGuard does not result in a release of the electric door strike.  Please refer to the Appendix for more information.

  • Make sure the Smartcard Company Code is properly set before assigning any smartcard to users.  This code is a configurable, 4-character code, which is to set your iGuard system apart from any other iGuard system.  Any smartcard with a code that does not match is not recognized by the system.  So once the smartcards have been assigned, donot change this Company Code.  Please refer to the section “Using the Web Browser -> Administration -> Terminal Setup -> Code Setting” for more information.

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